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The Ingle Story

Cross off your bucket list with Ingle International

We provide the best customer service for your insurance needs

“We visited Canada last summer from Colombia to see our daughter who majors in International Studies there. Ingle covered our 60 days of sightseeing and road tripping in Quebec and the US for $480.”

Maria Andrade, 60 & Carlos Andrade, 69 Insurance for Visitors to Canada

“I’m an actress doing multiple working trips to the USA, 16 days apiece – a bit of beach and mountain time mixed in. Even I could afford $52 for a year’s insurance.”

Amanda McDonald, 27 Insurance for Canadian Travellers

“I came from China to attend high school in BC and experience the Wild West. I stayed in Kelowna and road-tripped to Seattle. Nine months insured for $378. Yeee-haaa!”

Xiao Yang, High school student in China Insurance for International Students