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Travel medical insurance for Canadians that starts with these benefits.

Emergency Sickness and Injury

Emergency Sickness and Injury

Coverage for treatment of unforeseen medical events



Coverage for hospital fees, including doctors, nurses, drugs, and tests



Coverage for transportation to the nearest medical facility via local ground, air, or sea ambulance



Coverage for air transportation back home, if medically necessary

Key Features & Benefits

Overall Maximum Limit $7,000,000
Covered Areas Worldwide including the US, worldwide excluding the US, or within Canada
Multi-Trip Annual Plan Options 5, 10, 20, 35, 50, 65, or 100 days per trip
Pre-Existing Medical Condition Coverage Subject to stability period of 30-180 days (depending on age)
Excluded Sports All professional sports, rock or mountain climbing, hang gliding, parachuting, bungee jumping, skydiving, any motorized race or speed contest, scuba diving (except if certified by internationally recognized and accepted program such as NAUI or PADI, or if diving depth does not exceed 30 metres)
Hospital Accommodation Reasonable and customary costs (semi-private room)
Physician Reasonable and customary costs
Ambulance Reasonable and customary costs
Prescription Drugs 30-day supply (limit does not apply when hospitalized)
Dental Accident $5,000
Dental Pain $500
Emergency Transportation Air ambulance or economy airfare to the nearest appropriate medical facility or a Canadian hospital
Specialists and Therapists $500 per profession for physiotherapist, chiropractor, chiropodist, osteopath, podiatrist, optometrist, acupuncturist
Quebec Residents For more information with regards to the name and contact information of the insurer, together with the warnings about the consequences of misrepresentation or concealment, please click here.
Quote, please! Compare this product with similar plans

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“After graduation, I volunteered in Taiwan. Already missing those jungle villages, epic hikes, and side-trips to Vietnam and the Philippines. Only $260.28 for three months of coverage? Asia’s calling again!”

Jillian Hartley Canadian Traveller

“I’m an actress doing multiple working trips to the USA, 16 days apiece – a bit of beach and mountain time mixed in. Even I could afford $52 for a year’s insurance.”

Amanda McDonald, 27 Canadian Traveller

“We escape uni for a year in Europe, working to eat and burning it off swimming, walking, and dancing. I slice my hand at my restaurant job – insurance covers my stitches. Keepsake scar! One year all in @ $633.”

Lilly Woodhouse Canadian Travellers