TuGo Quest

The Quest plan offers quality medical coverage similar to other travel plans. However, with the Quest plan come additional options for pre-existing medical condition coverage: the Future Stability Option and the Guaranteed Stability Option. These options can be added to cover pre-existing medical conditions excluded by other plans.

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Key Features & Benefits

Overall Maximum Limit $5,000,000
Covered Areas Worldwide
Multi-Trip Annual Plan Options 9, 16, 30, or 60 days per trip
Pre-Existing Medical Condition Coverage Subject to stability period of 90-365 days prior to departure (depending on answers to medical questionnaire). Guaranteed Stability Option available for unstable medical conditions.
Excluded Sports All professional sports, SCUBA diving (unless you are certified by an internationally recognized and accepted program)
Hospital Accommodation Reasonable and customary costs (semi-private room)
Physician Reasonable and customary costs
Ambulance Reasonable and customary costs
Prescription Drugs 30-day supply (limit does not apply when hospitalized)
Dental Accident $4,000
Dental Pain $500
Emergency Transportation Air ambulance or economy airfare to the home province or territory
Specialists and Therapists $500 per profession for physiotherapist, chiropractor, chiropodist, osteopath, podiatrist
Quebec Residents The name and contact information of the insurer, together with the warnings about the consequences of misrepresentation or concealment, are described in the insurance policy (please click below on “Policy Wording”).
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