Product Building

Evolving with travellers wherever and however they go.

The travel client is ever-evolving—becoming more adventurous and more demanding. Ingle’s travel insurance products are built, packaged, and sold to travellers in ways that change with them. As agents and brokers seek underwriters who can provide services tailored to satisfy this ever-shifting environment, Ingle cultivates new ways to deliver on that need. We’re managing costs by negotiating rates at medical facilities around the world and negotiating claims to ensure our clients are never over-exposed financially. Since 1946, Ingle has innovated at every turn, creating new and valued products that shape and lead the travel insurance markets. We’re continually creating new policies from scratch with tailored wordings to satisfy emerging and new risk concepts, and altering our existing wordings to satisfy evolving risk patterns.

  • Experience. As underwriters, we use our experience, risk history, and actuarial data to determine the likely outcome of a claim. Once we have evaluated the risks of insuring a particular person or risk, we set a premium that is appropriate for all parties.

  • Efficiency. The art of skillfully managing the care of an insured member depends on quick thinking, informed decisions, and retrospective reviews. We manage costs by choosing a suitable medical provider and always ensuring treatment options and fees charged are appropriate.

  • Flexibility. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t always the case that policy wordings are suitable for all types of traveller. For this reason, we make a point of amending the wording on an existing policy, or we create something from scratch. All to offer the type of coverage our clients require.

Customer Care

Caring for customers of many languages, needs, and travel styles.

Since 1946, Ingle has continuously innovated, creating new and valued products that shape and lead the travel insurance markets. But our customer care strategy has never changed: multilingual staff receives regular training in compassionate call handling, and is accustomed to working with clients and partners from all over the world. We conduct call quality assurance, provide reporting and metrics, maintenance of service level agreements, and can pull customer data at any time. It all adds up to superior service for market segments with special needs, complex health issues, or unusual travel patterns. We can also customize our customer care process for high-volume partners to suit the specific requirements of their members or groups. Our Toronto and Montreal call centres operate 24/7, where staff enjoys competitive wages, benefits, and a comfortable work environment. Our national network of licensed insurance agents provides customized, local service whenever and wherever it’s needed.

  • Our customer care representatives are multilingual. Combined, Ingle’s well-travelled staff members speak more than 25 languages. Our content is published in Canada’s two official languages, English and French – but we don’t stop there! We can produce content in any language our clients desire.

  • Our highly trained agents must complete an insurance licensing program as part of their training. With the knowledge and skills to provide customers with expert advice and customized travel insurance products, our agents consistently find solutions for anyone travelling anywhere in the world.


Secure, accessible, and efficient technologies – the tools of relationship enhancement.

Ingle’s contact centres monitor and record inbound and outbound calls, with recordings stored indefinitely in our secure data centre. Proprietary software ensures all calls are available anytime for reporting SLAs, quality assurance, auditing, and compliance. Our multi-tenant architecture segregates and secures data to protect against cross-contamination and conflict of interest. Access is strictly guarded, and no data ever leaves our servers. Ingle’s development projects, executed entirely in-house, meet the most sophisticated needs. Our front-end specialists create interfaces in responsive design, ensuring applications render on the latest mobile devices. Back-end developers masterfully integrate visually attractive interfaces with complex databases. Applications are hosted in our cloud, so clients can enjoy the performance of cloud technology without the risks of public cloud solutions. Mission-critical data is transmitted securely to remote backup sites, offering complete disaster recovery and business continuity.

  • Communication. Our contact centres are located around the world. We provide excellent customer support through multiple channels in several languages. Clients can email, call, or chat online with one of our customer care representatives.

  • We embrace the world of mobile to reach new and emerging markets. Well versed in a variety of development platforms, our in-house team of developers uses the latest technologies ensuring interoperability with the newest devices.

  • We help you interact with your customers through eye-pleasing designs and intuitive applications. Our front- and back-end expertise combine to deliver customized online products and services that are user-friendly, while our design team creates a professional look that matches your brand.

  • We host applications in our cloud so that clients can enjoy the performance, flexibility, scalability, and cost savings of cloud technology without security or service delivery risks. Our data centres in separate geographic areas provide business continuity and ensure sensitive data is secured within Canada.


Speak to your prospects in their language, through their channels.

Ingle speaks through multiple channels to many markets: individual travellers, affinity groups, retail and rewards programs, schools, corporate clients, and other organizations. A strong multilingual web and mobile presence provides a competitive edge and reaches international markets with minimal geographic or linguistic barriers. We build enduring relationships with our clients by delivering an excellent member experience. Our deep cross-marketing abilities aid in client retention and customer acquisition. Our creative team brings your brand to life, while providing customers with the insight and confidence to make sound decisions—via website, brochure, stationary, email campaign, video, photo hosting, or social media. For our high-volume and priority partners, we create customized articles and information, written by industry experts and featured in both our own and third-party publications.

  • We believe. Good design is intuitive, functional, and user-focused. We’re inspired every day – by you, your clients, and the people in our lives – to design better than the day before. Our creative team possesses the tools and talents we need to help communicate your brand and values to your clients.

  • We understand. Visual storytelling is powerful – so we use it to help you connect with your clients. Corporate movies, photos, tutorials, testimonials, or promotional films – we love capturing a moment! A team of professionals provides high-end video production as well as pre- and post-production services.

  • We listen. Curiosity, originality, and integrity – all crucial to creating community on our social media platforms. Our team of creative heads ensures your company stands out in the world of social media. Let us help you establish a strategy to engage your clients.

Content Creation

Sharing the right information is relationship-building in its most powerful form.

Ingle provides extended value to our clients and partners through specialized information services that include health, travel, security, and financial information. Our editorial team is multilingual and highly conversant in matters of interest to every type of customer. Ingle offers up-to-date travel information and resources to help our clients and partners plan safe and healthy travels. Our customized content appears in the form of articles, videos, blogs, infographics, newsletters, and ebooks, covering topics such as travel insurance, health navigation at home or abroad, emergency assistance, and tips on staying healthy and safe. Publications and media channels that feature our work include: Study Travel Magazine, Verge Magazine, Destinations Travel Magazine, Turkish Student Magazine, Desjardins Insurance Liaison Newsletter, Manulife Financial Healthy Lifestyles eNewsletter, and Chronicle.

  • Our content – rich, varied, and customizable. Appearing in the form of articles, videos, blogs, infographics, newsletters, and ebooks, our content covers topics like travel insurance, health navigation at home or abroad, emergency assistance, and tips on staying healthy and safe.

  • Our editorial team – creative, yet accessible. An in-house crew consisting of thorough editors and proofreaders, writers who engage and inspire, talented translators, and content managers whose favourite pastime is getting organized means consistent messaging that is right on target.