Here are six reasons why:


Access to Our Travel Insurance Expertise

  • We work with most major insurance companies in Canada and worldwide
  • We do not favour one insurer over another; your clients’ needs always come first
  • We have a wide range of product options to suit all kinds of travellers

Improve Your Travel Insurance Business

  • Build your client base with access to broader markets and a complete travel insurance portfolio
  • Attract new business with our customized marketing solutions
  • Receive competitive commission rates and an aggregated commission report from all our providers on a single statement, making your administration work as easy as possible
  • Save time and compare coverages with our proprietary travel insurance quote and comparison tools

Multilingual Products and Services

  • Unbiased advice and up-to-date information available through our highly trained and licensed insurance consultant team
  • Service in English, French, and Spanish
  • Customized marketing solutions are available in any language to help you reach your goals

Diverse Travel Insurance Products from Across the Market

  • Comprehensive medical and non-medical plans for Canadian travellers
  • Plans for international students, both inside and outside Canada
  • Visitors to Canada plans, including plans to suit the Canadian Super Visa
  • Expatriate plans for Canadians who are going far and staying long
  • And coverage for anyone going anywhere

Insurance for Unusual and High-Risk Situations

  • We insure the “uninsurable”—we’ll cover most pre-existing conditions and any age category
  • We provide coverage for clients going to war zones, embarking on dangerous expeditions, participating in sporting events, reporting on political turmoil, and more
  • We provide customized coverage for special circumstances, such as kidnapping, ransom, and extortion

Technological Solutions to Suit Your Needs

  • Our online portal is available 24/7 for sales and product information
  • With our technology partner, Peak Contact, we can help develop custom online and IT solutions that work for you
  • Whether it is integration with an existing sales portal or the design and creation of online sales solutions, we have the tools to make your business plan a reality

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